Retrofit Maps on your favourite suit

Retrofit Maps on your favourite suit

Allana’s waistcoat is centred on the wedding venue

Unique Christmas present

At a recent geo event I met an old client of mine, Andy.  As a Christmas gift I’d given him a personalised SplashMap of his home. What Andy told me next led to our latest product offering.

Tailored waistcoats, ties and cufflinks

We’ve been making tailored waistcoats, ties and cufflinks for over a year now. They are amazing and the range of fabrics and infinate choice of places means the garments are great custom options for weddings in particular.
But what if you’ve seen the exact suit or waistcoat you like at your favourite shop? Perhaps it’s already been in your wardrobe for years?


Waistcoats become a talking point

This is where Andy’s inspiration kicked-in. He’d taken my adventure gift and had a local seamstress stitch it into the very waistcoat he’d got married in. This turned a special garment into an even more amazing memento and give it a new lease of life. Knowing Andy (and the effect of my own waistcoat) it’s partly to become a talking point too 🙂

Retrofit Maps on your favourite suit

SplashMaps is now able to offer to retrofit a personalised map onto your existing suit as a lining or a waistcoat as a backing. Personalised and printed on out beautiful satin fabric they will bring your evening or morning wear uniquely to life.

And don’t forget, we make the accessories too!  Check our prices on ties, bow ties and cuff-links too!

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