Radio Interviews, Australian customers and 6 new things about SplashMaps!

It’s been a great 4 days since we successfully gained our Kickstarter funding.

1) My interview with the BBC was fun yesterday.  Catch it whilst it’s still there at https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p0113gz9 and go to 2hrs and 6 mins.

2) Solent Radio want me next!  So look out next week.

3) I attended the NewForce mountain bike club Annual General Meeting.  It was almost Dickensian with roaring open fires in the pub, great ale and a very frosty night!  There’s lots of interest and our guides were keen to see the improvements to the maps based partly on their input.

4) I’ll send 2 maps to Australia shortly! One will be at the GeoNext conference in Sydney in February.   Follow them on @geonext

5) Our eCommerce site is already building up with orders!

6) Our latest print run is on waterproof material with a new off-route cycle overlay.  You’ll love it!  Yes, we plan to constantly evolve at SplashMaps!

7)  We are now partners of the Ordnance Survey!  And I am looking forward to spending an afternoon there tomorrow.

8) Tomorrow I am meeting with Hampshire’s Geography education Tsar, Jeff Stanfield to get this into schools, Duke of Edinburgh award groups, Scouts and any other outdoor adventurous groups!

Wow!  And still half the week and an awful lot of envelope stuffing to go!  A great run-up to Christmas.





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