Property Maps

“Absolutely Brilliant! Love them,” was the response from our first Property Maps customer, Andrew Prismall of HW Conveyancing Searches. “I’ve tested them, stuffed them in pockets and am amazed how small they pack-down and how silk-like they become with use. I can’t wait to get them in front of people!” he enthused on the phone.

HW Conveyancing ordered 50 maps as merchandise give aways on our Pro Weatherproof fabrics.

With a strong focus on the best maps for walkers, riders, runners, paddlers and adventurers of all sorts, you can forgive us for missing this important market. In fact I have some great Hampshire based networking via the Solent LEP to thank for this.

Andrew picks up the story;

Corporate gifts

“I met David and saw his fantastic business story at a networking event. As a local firm in the property sector, maps are central to our industry and a great love of mine, personally. When I saw David’s story I immediately thought there was something we could do on the corporate gifts side.”

Different but relevant

“I wanted something different but relevant for my clients . David and I worked together excellently to nourish that idea and the products it then turned into. I have now received all of the maps, promptly as promised. Not only are they fantastic quality, they will prove really useful and very eye catching.”

Achieve that goal

“I only wish that I had more projects to work with David on. Very knowledgeable on a variety of business issues, but open to new ideas and happy to work with you to achieve that goal.”

There’s more to this market…

Andrew has done that great thing that those that embrace the Network, and given me leads deeper into the property sector explaining, “there’s more to this market than estate agents you know!”. If you are or know of anyone to whom location is important, suggest something original, put them in touch or design them one of these!

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