Promote, Protect and Preserve the Rainforest

Richard presents Rafael with a SplashMap of the Park

Richard presents Rafael with a SplashMap of the Park

Richard Physhorn has just returned from Belize following a successful trip as part of the Heart of Belize’ Project with his business Survival Wisdom. He shared this report with us after presenting the local teams with training… and a SplashMap of the Park.

The project’s Aims are to Promote, Protect and Preserve the Rainforest.

Survival Wisdom are providing the training and mentoring of the Rangers to enable them to safely protect the Chiquibul National park. The Team face difficult conditions and dangerous opposition in their work. Due to extensive deforestation throughout much of the rest of Central America, the Chiquibul Forest of Belize provides one of the few remaining sanctuaries for many endangered species.

A SplashMap of the Park was gratefully received by chief ranger Rafael who told me “This map is so useful in coordinating our team in our quest to stop this environmental issue.” He and his team at the Friends for Conservation and development are stationed at The Las Cuevas Research Station, a base for students, scientists and volunteers undertaking important field research in the forest.

It’s great to know that, thanks to Richard, a personalised SplashMap is helping to Promote, Protect and Preserve the Rainforest in Belize.

Survival WisdomSurvival Wisdom: At Survival Wisdom, we offer the kind of bespoke survival training which will equip you and your team with the skills and expertise you need to be resilient and adaptable in an unpredictable world.

Belize is famed for it's ancient ruins and lush forest

Belize is famed for it’s ancient ruins and lush forest

BELIZE: Belize is located in the northeastern coast of Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west & south and to the east by the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Its mainland is about 290 kilometres (180 miles) long and 110 kilometres (68 miles) wide and with 22,960 square kilometres (8,860 sq. mi) of land and a population of only 312,698 inhabitants (2010 census). Belize boasts an astonishingly diverse topography, much of which consists of dense tropical rain forest, rivers, archaeological sites, Maya mountains, savannas and magnificent waterfalls cascading 1000 ft. into the forest below. It is home to majestic jaguars and other amazing wildlife that local and international visitors from around the world enjoy seeing.

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