Navigating for a Cause: Charity Celebrity Challenge Highlights the Pitfalls of Paper Maps

Watch as veterans, elite athletes and professional outdoors folk wrestle with paper maps

Last weekend at the National Outdoor Expo in Birmingham, an eclectic group of adventurers and elite athletes gathered for a unique challenge with a meaningful purpose. Led by elite athlete Ben Gallagher, long-distance runner Jamie Ramsay, adventurer Richard Matthews, fell running guide Dave Taylor, Royal Marines veteran Nick Goldsmith, and globe-trotter Reece Gilkes, the event wasn’t just about showcasing their skills; it was about shedding light on the limitations of traditional paper maps and championing a better alternative for outdoor enthusiasts. The above film’s how they navigated through the adventure while supporting two noble causes.

My challenge to Adventurers ahead of the National Outdoor Expo

The Purpose Behind the Challenge:

More than just a display of origami prowess, the charity challenge aimed to spotlight the inefficiencies of paper maps in outdoor navigation. It also served as a platform to provide SplashMaps’ fabric maps to two deserving charities: AFPST and Hidden Valley Bushcraft, supporting their noble veteran supporting causes.

Unraveling the Flaws of Paper Maps:

Ben Gallhager wins: It took him 33 seconds to refold the paper map

In the controlled conditions of the expo space, participants found themselves grappling with the cumbersome nature of paper maps. Despite their expertise, even the most seasoned adventurers struggled with the tedious folding and degrading experience of paper maps, underscoring the urgent need for a more reliable alternative. Ben, with Special Forces training and now and Elite rower in Team GB, emerged victorious, refolding the map in 33 seconds. By contrast, adjusting the personalised SplashMap took less than 1 second.

Embracing Fabric Maps:

Richard Matthews smashes Reece’s 4 mins 59 seconds 🤣

Enter SplashMaps – the ultimate solution to the woes of traditional paper maps. Durable, weather-resistant, and easily scrunchable, according to all customers who vivisted, SplashMaps proves to be a game-changer for outdoor navigation. With custom maps tailored to the specific needs of AFPST’s charity hike in the Himalayas and Hidden Valley Bushcraft’s training programs for individuals living with PTSD, these fabric maps offer unparalleled reliability and functionality.

Bridging Continents with SplashMaps:

And the benefits aren’t confined to the UK anymore. With our international re-launch at the show, USA maps are now available in 2 styles (including USGS) AND 2 scales are available world wide! With SplashMaps’ availability in the USA, adventurers on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond can now enjoy the benefits of these innovative fabric maps, whether they’re exploring local trails or embarking on cross-country adventures.

Take Action:

All participants found the event degrading (as planned). Join us in spreading the word and supporting AFPST and Hidden Valley Bushcraft. Please share our story, raise awareness, and make the switch to SplashMaps for your next outdoor excursion. Together, we can improve navigation and save outdoor enthusiasts from the degrading paper map experience.

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