A Fantastic Walking Maps gift

The Perfect Maps

Perfect walking map gifts put to the test by Zambezi explorer & ranger, Chaz Powell

By definition, the perfect walking maps cannot let you down. Who wants a map that baffles you or fizzles out? That’s why you’ve arrived at SplashMaps. SplashMaps iron-out the pain of rainy map folding and the anxieties of flaky gps and dying batteries to create the highest quality, unfailing, durable maps to gift this year.

Walking Routes near me

Couple walking with an Ordnance Survey SplashMap
‘A walking route near me’ is high on every Adventurer’s list

Close to home and it’s all about ‘finding walking routes near me’. The 1:25k scale is considered by many to be the optimal walking scale. The fabled 1:25k scale gives you all the detail you need to find and follow your trail. And NOW we’ve made this scale available world-wide!

25k Scale Walking Maps NOW world-wide!

SplashMaps in use for navigation in Sweden

For the past 6 months we have been testing on customers and developing this ideal product for walkers. Our new 1:25k scale makes an outstanding gift for a walker, whichever style you choose. Plan over the tablecloth, walk in all weathers with a Pro fabric SplashMap or fend off the cold with one of our Toobs or Toggle Toobs. There’s 10 formats to choose – and that’s after you’ve centred it and personalised it with a lovely title!

Walking Maps uk

We love using Ordnance Survey for the ideal walking maps uk. Personalise at 1:25k or 1:50k scales and that familiar look and the reassuring feel of a fabric map is a perfect combination. And if you love a longer walk, we still have our destination maps at 1:40k and 1:50k and you may want to consider our Harvey Map range of the UK’s fabulous National Trails.

Unique for the Adventurer in your life

SplashMaps are tried and trusted on expeditions big and small. Everyone, from the military to your Gran, is better prepared for their Adventure with a map. 

Be the one who buys the unique ‘must-have’ for the Adventurer in your life this Christmas. 

Buy a personalised SplashMap Now!

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