Park Run

The lazy person’s version of exercise

Welcoming a first timer at Eastleigh park Run

I love running. Initially I started running as it’s the lazy persons version of exercise. Seriously. You use the biggest and most efficient muscle groups in the body, so it’s the best cardio you can get, yet it doesn’t take much time and barely any specialist kit (I’m famed for representing SplashMaps in my inappropriate Beach shorts which finally disintegrated on my Mountain Bike Adventure after 6 years’ faithful service).  I never considered a group or Park Run.

It’s become social

For me running is normally a lone effort. A chance to let thoughts evolve and become part of the rhythm of all that’s happening in the outside world. More recently it’s become more social. Running with a neighbour has been a great way of sharing some great cross-country trails as well as getting to know the neighbourhood better.

Park Run

But in January I took my first Park Run. Park Run organises 1300 group runs of 5km around the world on a regular basis. Started 14 years ago in Bushey Park, London, it’s “open to all” approach is refreshing, inclusive and so well supported. Every first timer gets a warm welcome and is well outnumbered by volunteers and encouraging marshalls.

A more purposeful networking session

Eastleigh is my local one and on Saturday I met with a group of over 100 enthusiasts in freezing conditions for the latest timed 5km. On my two runs I’ve met my kids school teachers, fellow businesses from our local Tech-Hub and colleagues I used to pace with from the running club at Ordnance Survey. Almost like a more purposeful networking session!

A final dash

Over my two runs, I’ve learnt how to spot people to pace with, indulged in the boyish pleasures of a final dash, marvelled at those that do 5kms at pace with a 3 wheeled push-chair and slashed my time over my normal 5km by a whopping 1 minute and 23 seconds!

Joined by a love of the outdoors

It’s also a great time to discuss challenges of all sorts with a keen community, all joined by a love of the outdoors as a way to improve life!  See you there?

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