Now you can Make-a-Map yourself!

SplashMaps now gives you the power to be your own map maker!  Now you can Make-a-Map yourself!

We launched the service on (what Companies House tell me) was our first Birthday at the Crowd Funding conference at Chichester University.

The #bognorcrowd wrapped in SplashMaps

The #bognorcrowd wrapped in SplashMaps

We were invited as an inspirational example of what can be achieved with crowd funding. We celebrated, as usual, by getting wrapped up in maps!

Here is our Media Release from the day which is likely to end up on a news bulletin near you soon!



Make-a-Map: A personalised map of wherever you like in GB!

Make-a-Map: A personalised map of wherever you like in GB!

Pimp my map!


Fabric maps already weatherproof your adventure, now you can personalise yours for fun come rain or shine anywhere in Great Britain!


Maps can be useful, but exciting?  Well…not usually. From this month though (and just in time for Christmas!) we’ll be a big step closer with the launch of a completely new ‘Make-a-Map’ custom map service.


Designed for abuse that no other maps or GPS could take, weatherproof fabric maps are already washable and wearable but now they’re getting personal too.  You can choose a favourite place in Great Britain (your house, a great walk, your party venue etc), pop a postcode into the SplashMaps website, move your map around until you reach the perfect spot and even give it your own title.  Then, as if by techno magic, you’ll have made a practical, durable, and very good-looking, custom SplashMap.  Great for outdoor adventures (walking, running, cycling, horse riding etc) and ideal as a gift, an invite to – or a souvenir of – a special event.


Since they were introduced last year SplashMaps have really been put to the test.  They’ve dealt with the worst of our weather, had routes cruelly drawn on them, been slung around sweaty necks, rudely stuffed into pockets, sleeves, shorts, bras etc. then chucked in washing machines and come out good as new ready for the next escapade.


David Overton, SplashMaps’ MD says, “We’ve already designed and produced maps that cover all the national parks as well as major cycling and walking areas and, because they’re so simple and practical, we’ve had a fantastic response.  Maps we’ve tailored for large-scale events have been very successful too, so we’re hoping our ‘Make-a-Map’ custom service, and all the choice it offers, will inspire a whole new crowd of SplashMap users.”


SplashMaps and the new ‘Make-a-Map’ custom SplashMap service are available direct from www.splashmaps.net or through a growing number of retailers including the map shop Stanfords in London and Bristol.  For all the latest news visit our website www.splashmaps.net, follow us on twitter.com/splashmaps or like us on facebook.com/splashmaps.




Contact: David Overton, MD, SplashMaps Ltd, david@splashmaps.net, tel: 07876 390 656

A Make-a-Map SplashMap for Charlie the Bikemonger

A Make-a-Map SplashMap for Charlie the Bikemonger



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