Modern Souvenirs

We’ve been working with the Modern Souvenir company to come up with some great gift proposals for Museums and visitor centres up and down the country.

Try this one for Northumberland

Anything more London than a phone box & AtoZ?

AtoZ SplashMap if great for navigation

Anything memento more tangible? A 19th Century style satin SplashMap and out most famous monuments?

Our London Illustrated Map gives today’s detail in a 19th Century style

So the idea is to present the maps and the monuments and busts together.

  1. Do you like the idea?
  2. Is there a winning combination you’d like to see? (Winston Churchill and a map of Chartwell etc.).

Do get in touch!


2 responses to “Modern Souvenirs”

  1. James Devine says:

    I LOVE this idea!

    The products compliment each other both in theme and design.

    Hampton Court/Henry VIII model and a map of 16th C London?
    Wellington Arch model and a map of Victorian London/Lablndmarks?