Mark up and Wash your maps like a pro

This ‘how to’ film will have you mark up and wash your maps like a pro, whether they’re on paper or fabric. Here’s how you restore your guides so they’re perfect for your next adventure!

Maps that respect adventure

Maps need to respect adventure. They have to be tough, because you’ll use them in tough and unpredictable circumstances.

Our great thanks to Sue, @adventurequeenmother, for contributing her 13 second summary on how to wash your maps!

Encouraged by Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award leaders and others encourage us to mark the routes on our maps and always insist on a physical map. But how can you expect to keep marking-up your map yet not wreck it in the process?

Top tips on pens and solvents

wash your maps like a pro
Our top tips on how to mark-up your maps for day, month or life!

Our film teaches you the art of map cleaning, giving top tips on the pens you can use and the solvents, machines and energy you’ll need to put into keeping those maps in tip top condition.

A paper map and a fabric map from SplashMaps are used in these examples. Washing involves a light rub with a damp cloth, some fun with nail varnish remover and a tumble in the washing machine.

For re-use, so many times

Which maps are best for re-use, weather resistance and ultimately which ones do you want stuffed in your pockets when the weather’s against you?

Our 3 recommended mark-up solutions

Our film will give you a few giggles, but leave you with our 3 recommended mark-up solutions and our one strong recommendation of using a SplashMap. Along the way we use Crayola, Sharpie and Granger products and see how we need to treat maps the same way as all outdoor essentials.

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