Maps for Scouts

Maps for Scouts

SplashMaps have been making maps for Scouts since we started nearly 5 years ago.

I met Jagz, the UK Youth Commission for the Scouts at Bear Gryls Survival Challenge

As we’ve progressed we’ve run training programmes and run national competitions with the Scouts in order to identify young map making talent from the Cubs.

12 SplashMaps with the Scout  group logo was the prize for best Scouting map maker

Northampton Scouts Navigation Training

Our latest order is from the Northampton Scouts at both County and District level.

Northampton get trained on A4 and A3 sized SplashMaps

For them, and in conversation with their head of adult training, Steve Layt, we’ve devised a great low cost option ideal for training.
The county and district level Scouts and Exporers will be trained on the Ordnance Survey 1:25k printed as A4 and A3 size SplashMaps.
“This means I can take the same maps we’re training in the HQ and training centres out into the field, mark them up and probably get them filthy, then wash them for the next time!”, says Steve.

All saving gets passed onto the Scouts

Why the smaller formats? Smaller fabric area means lower cost per prints and lower price for the royalty SplashMaps need to pay to Ordnance Survey. All this saving gets passed onto the Scouts.

A Personal Journey

Me working with our District Commissioner and Rotary to improve the 15th

Personally I’ve had no Scouting training at all. But since getting started on SplashMaps, my personal journey has now led me to become Chairman of the executive board of my local Scout Group (15th Chandler’s Ford). Part of my role is to assure the 15th is a sustainable group. Scouting, I’ve observed, is so important in our society; fuelling confidence, inspiring ambition and citizenship. Perhpas it’s the best of our institutions for nurturing a life long appreciation of maps and the environment they open to exploration! Get involved!

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