Maps anywhere

A teenage jaunt to Tanzania

It took 1 minute to position the map perfectly: Maps anywhere!

I’m a Dad. And like most Dads who’s kids suddenly become teenage, life becomes a series of major stepping stones. My latest came this week with a teenage jaunt to Tanzania as my daughter set out on an adventure with charitable travel company, World Challenge. Naturally it’s a great opportunity for her to broaden her horizons, and for us to test if we really can make maps anywhere.

SplashMaps has an advantage

The kids and teachers pepare to leave for Tanzania

For this particular mission, SplashMaps – the only map company to promise maps anywhere –  has a big advantage over Ordnance Survey Maps and all other publishers you could choose.  So I had a few extras to pack in her ruck sack that’ll all find use but cost little weight.

A map of the exact location

The school where they are volunteering is called Ngarantoni school. It took me less than 1 minute to make a map of the exact location (try it yourself for your adventure!). The place name was found straight away using our map finder and the map could easily be moved around to included the village, the trails they would use for the acclimatisation hike and the nearby town of Arusha.

A Toob neckwarmer

Testing out the Toob before departure

Possibly the most versatile thing in her rucksack is the Toob neckwarmer. She got our latest New York Toob as she loves those colours. But this Toob will double up as pillow cover and, for those colder nights or bright mornings, it can be pulled over the head and face to keep things darker and warmer under canvas.

Top10 camping gear

Of course there were more ruck sack friendly gifts found on our latest Top10 camping gear list. Notably the solid cosmetics from LUSH – the only way to get through customs and stay fresh through all those flight changes and 2 sweaty weeks above the Rift Valley.
The journey continues!

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