Make maps for map makers

Isn’t it flattering to be asked to make maps for map makers? This week we’ve commenced printing the order for the Belgian National Mapping Agency, NGI.


The National Geographic Institute of Belgium commissioned us to make Toobs of their maps

NGI SplashMaps Toobs

Hundreds of NGI SplashMaps Toobs will be gifted to key personnel and suppliers of the Brussels based military agency in the Christmas season. What a brilliant idea? For a mapping company what better way to appreciate excellent map art and show gratitude at the same time?


Ties of the map maker’s art

Trust SplashMaps to reproduce

Of course, we’re immensely flattered that map makers creating map data of their own realm would trust SplashMaps to reproduce it for them.


Toobs are a perfect way to carry a unique type of cartography for specific events

In ways you’d just want to wear

Right now we’re working with a range of map makers to make products that show-off their beautiful work in ways you’d just want to wear! Satin and silk ties of long-distance trails, Toobs of sporting events they sponsor and satin pocket squares as give-aways at an annual retreat.  Have an idea for your event?  Get in touch!

Waking up to fabric maps

Whatever the occasion it seems the map makers of the world are waking up to fabric maps and turning to SplashMaps and our unique ability to customise.

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