Loudest Map?

Lush Tokyo

Our Tokyo Knot-wrap for Lush covers the popular Shibuya shopping and night-life district

Loudest Map

At SplashMaps we’ve seen great cartography, beautiful artistry and inventive substrates for every kind of map imaginable.  But could this be the loudest Map?

Looking like fragrance

Working with Lush we wanted to make a global style for all their shops.  Something that could be replicated anywhere in the world and yet still looked like the fragrant brand itself!  The answer was to go LOUD!  Loudest map yet

So away went the traditional palettes and emphasis on white spaces and along came the neon colours and the lively branding you just know means “Lush”.

The art of tying maps

Our previous knot wraps used familiar mapping styles. Lush loved the bright colours of the AtoZ but wanted something all their own!

Answers on a postcard!  Have you anything that matches this map for loudness?

The first version is now available for Tokyo and will be in Tokyo stores next month.  Then London, then … who knows…

For this design we make the most of local knowledge as Lush Staff put pointers on their favourite vinyl record and independent book stores.

Welcome to Tokyo! Now start collecting!

Welcome to Tokyo! Now start collecting!

These SplashMaps knot-wraps are set to be as collectable (and more unique, versatile and beautiful) than the ubiquetos Startbucks coffee mug!

Find your way in Tokyo with the loudest map ever!





2 responses to “Loudest Map?”

  1. Bob Greenhalgh says:

    Since I use my “Splash map” in the mountains of North Wales, I would appreciate my “Loud” map being impregnated with the finest smells of the Welsh mountains that Lush can provide. Heather, new fallen rain mixed with sheep dung should just about do it. If they can replicate the bubbles of methane from stagnant pools, that would be a bonus! With this indelibly emprinted into my “Lush – Loud” map. AND with a selection of atmospheric photographs accessed through QR codes also printed on the map, I need never leave home again. In the meantime I’ll carry on wearing my Splash map as nature intended. Actually – the QR codes isn’t a bad idea?

    • Wow! That’s nearly all our ideas in one product proposition and with the smells thrown in too! I’ll talk with Lush… interestingly with Lush we have introduced a sort of QR code. It’s a little image that’s on the map lable that leads you to the explanation of our products on their website. Scent impregnation is a new one on me. Particularly the more boggy and dungy ones! Thanks for your thoughts and glad you’re wearing the map!