‘Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with SplashMaps: Fabric Maps for Limitless Exploration

At the heart of SplashMaps lies a fusion of history, innovation, and a deep-seated passion for limitless exploration. Inspired by the daring escapades of World War II airmen and fuelled by the frustration of navigating with traditional maps in adverse conditions, SplashMaps revolutionises outdoor adventures.

Based on the original WW2 air chart of the area, this chart highlights the bomber bases of the 8th and 9th USAF and features a Mustang and Flying Fortress

Crafting Adventure: The SplashMaps Process

Plan your journey in less than a minute with SplashMaps’ intuitive online map design tool. Utilising the latest map data from trusted sources like Ordnance Survey and USGS, adventurers can customise their maps with personalised titles, brands, and even routes. Once crafted, SplashMaps employs cutting-edge printing techniques to produce highly accurate, weatherproof fabric maps that are as durable as they are detailed.

Will uses his SplashMaps in rescue and mountain leadership around the world

Unparalleled Durability: A Map Built to Last

Bid farewell to the limitations of paper maps and digital alternatives. SplashMaps’ fabric maps boast unparalleled durability, ensuring they withstand the harshest of conditions without faltering. Tested rigorously by the UK Military and offered in a variety of fabrics, including breathable Pro fabric and 100% recycled options, SplashMaps guarantees longevity and reliability on every adventure.

Norwegian Military using SplashMaps

Empowering Adventurers: Enhancing the Journey

Designed for the modern explorer, SplashMaps enhances the adventure experience, enabling limitless exploration by eliminating the hassle of folding, signal dependence, and equipment protection. With SplashMaps, adventurers confidently delve into their surroundings, embarking on spontaneous escapades from their doorstep or the farthest reaches of the globe.

Customer Sander with Guides from Peak Planet following a SplashMap to Kilimanjaro

Limitless Innovations in Adventure Mapping

With extensive intellectual property and groundbreaking developments in e-Textile fabric maps, SplashMaps stands at the forefront of adventure mapping technology. Seamlessly integrating location tracking capabilities without the need for phones or communication devices, our prototype e-SplashMaps cater to the needs of both civilian adventurers and military operations.

A future flexible: As e-Textile grow in popularity, SplashMaps is the ONLY option for maps!

Embracing the Movement: A Shift in Outdoor Exploration

As the demand for tangible experiences continues to surge, SplashMaps aligns with broader trends in outdoor recreation, sustainability, and experiential travel. With a resurgence in physical map sales reminiscent of the vinyl records revival, SplashMaps caters to a new generation of adventurers seeking authenticity and real-world connections.

Make your next exploration truly limitless with SplashMaps and redefine the way you explore the world. Join the movement today and discover the freedom of unlimited adventures, anytime, anywhere.

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