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Just run.  Like many, I often tell people I hate running.  That it’s just the simplest way to get exercise; you slip on the shoes and off you go using the biggest muscle group in your body.  If we accept that exercise is essential then surely this is the laziest way to do it.  No chains to oil or mechanics to maintain.  Just you.  And surely, to get the best out of life, that’s the main thing you really NEED to maintain anyway?  Still, it can be dull as you don’t get very far very fast.

But this week, as we benefit from a brief period of lighter mornings, things look different and I realise I’ve been telling a fib.

Melly runningI have a brain

In actual fact it’s not running I hate, but it’s repetition; running the same pavements, the tread-mill or that rowing machine at the gym.  But that’s because I have a brain.  A very inquisitive but hardly unique brain that craves input and inspiration.  And inspiration’s not there when you just do the same old round, gaining the same experience or staring at the same wall or screen.

A brain is not an unusual thing to possess.  Almost 100% of humans have one and a fair proportion (Office of National Statistics) need it exercised even more than their thighs, bums or tums.

Running's a mental game

Running’s a mental game

Make your run an adventure

By taking advantage of these early mornings your brain will take in some pretty frosty, misty sights that tingle and tease your nerves and are likely to please your eyes. Your brain will thrive on the constantly changing scene as you pound the gradients and sod on the ground.  Cross-country you’ll stride on the paths less trod where planning your route just adds to the challenge.  And before you know it you’ll be loving your run!  Just loving it, just like me.

So, this Autumn, enjoy those runs, keep your neck and head warm and find those new ways.


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