Is it a gimmick?

What’s a Gimmick?

Radio Interview“Is it a gimmick” I was recently asked by BBC Radio Solent when they came to interview me at the Tec-Hub space in Eastleigh.

“Gimmick” suggests to me a flash-in-the-pan, temporary and fairly limited use idea, designed solely to trick you into some sort of involuntary action.

You know the sort of thing.  You go to buy insurance and end up convinced by a free stuffed toy in the shape of an oligarch; you want to buy shoes and end up being taken in by the terrific discount if you buy two pairs…  We’ve all been duped at some point.

Someone taking umbridge?

Someone taking umbridge?

How do you respond when your principles are in question?

I guess because SplashMaps’ product design principles are SO completely opposite to those of the Gimmick maker, that when I was asked… well, I couldn’t help taking umbridge.  After all our products are designed for longevity, for practicality and they are what they say they are!  Far from distracting you into making duff decisions, SplashMaps are designed to help you live in the moment, embrace the outdoors and take the path less trodden with confidence.

So how does an affable entrepreneur respond? Click the play button below to find out!



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