Interviewed by the Yorkshire Post

On Friday I was interviewed by the Yorkshire Post as I headed toward Cornwall with my family.  I got a call on the way.

“Are you David from SplashMaps?  It’s Jonathan Brown from the Yorkshire Post”.

It turns out that Jonathan is the journalist covering Tour de France for the paper.  He’d picked up on our media release (20140519 Get on Your Bike for Le Grand Depart)  covering the Tour du Nord map.


Nicky Busby inspects our Le Tour du Nord Maps.

Jonathan and the Yorkshire Post are running the “Let’s get Cycling” campaign in Yorkshire.  We’re right behind you on that one!  SplashMaps are ideal for getting people on their bikes and discovering!  There is no more convenient way to work out where you are and how you’re going to get to where you want to be.  Our map spec is entirely based upon that; from the fabric and print technology through to the content and the fact we give you a special mapping pen with each SplashMap.

The interview was pretty disjointed as I’d chosen the “pretty route” through Dorset and along the coast.  Vodafone is not friendly in these areas.  But with our family connections with Yorkshire assured and the kids listening intently I was interviewed by the Yorkshire Post on the maps, our business and the whole frustration of the traditional maps and GPS.

It was great to return from surfing on Monday (a great salt-water test for our latest maps) and find we’d been published already!

I hope you like the result and that our SplashMaps of the Tour du Nord helps people to get out for many years, and keep the cars off the road for the day.

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