Ignoring technology trends

Did you think SplashMaps were anti hi-tec? That we’re ignoring technology trends in GPS, digital media and mobile technology.

Really? Perhaps our Interactive Historic Map will change your mind.

With 16 years of working on geographic innovations, our joint sponsorship of GeoMob and our business and cartographic awards, we’re really tech geo-nerds at heart.

SplashMaps believe that technology is critical, but we take a different view from most. That phone in your hand? When it has signal and batteries it carries all the tech you need to unlock amazing information, know your location and stream you anything you like.  What it lacks is context. SplashMaps provides just that with an indestructible and beautiful printed map you can all gather round.  And now it becomes a gateway to amazing project and time dependent content.

We were commissioned by Eastleigh Borough Council for the Road to Agincourt project using lottery and English Heritage funding.  We’re proud to have worked with Blue Donut Studios, the experts in story telling unlocking the best of digital media.

So we’re not really ignoring technology trends. The fact is we embrace them. Perhaps we embrace them in a more tactile way than most 😉


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