I love my Ordnance Survey

I love my Ordnance Survey ’cause it shields those on the trail

We sell Ordnance Survey (OS) maps every day to lovers of the outdoors. In Great Britain folk often consider these the definitive national maps. They show “anything that could be tripped over” and have origins in the military with standards laid down many decades ago.

Much of the content is supurflous to most walks and rides, but, to many, this detail completes an important ‘whole’. A balanced consistent and trusted image that people get genuinely passionate about.

That’s why our  “I ❤ my OS maps” came about. Now that OS and international maps come in 10 fabric formats and multiple scales and styles, we want to give something back to those map designers and share the love of their mastery through ourcustom map maker. Your tablecloths, shower curtains, your titles on our signature weatherproof SplashMaps and Toobs – these all tell a story we’d love to share.

So please, look out for our posts through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #LoveOS and share your map story with us!

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