Hunting with maps

It’s another customer take-over! Here Jamie Woodcock, veteran of the military and fan of the Norwegian hunting fields tells us how his maps worked out for him, his colleagues and hosts on a recent hunting adventure.

Hi David,

After missing last years hunt, I took the the splashmaps to Norway for this years hunt.

Hunting with SplashMaps

The plain map received a laugh from everyone except who it was for.
Everyone was impressed with the maps, if a little unconvinced at first.

But within a few days the hunt leader was planning the days hunt from his splash map.


I got great feedback from both dog handlers about how easy it was to pull out and put back without having to worry about folding, or the rustling laminated paper noise.

On post, the maps got great feedback too, again for the quietness of using them and the lack of need for folding.

Everyone loves a gift!

Both the land owners liked the maps too, not that they need them to navigate round their own land. I think they appreciated the gift.

Thank you very much for making them for me. As I get more feedback from the hunt team I will pass it on.

Jamie Woodcock


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