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It’s great to look back across a year and dig into the highlights. Better still to pay tribute to those that helped the most and, today, we’re listing in our 2018 Hall of fame. Your turn in 2019?

Voted for by you

The end result of 2018 was that we made a heap more friends and become involved in a lot more initiatives that support outdoors fitness, fun and wellbeing. For this we are truly grateful.

So let’s dig into the figures! All the below are voted for by you, our customers, by your engagement habbits!  Thanks for taking part.

Best customer’s customisation story – That VW Camper!

A socail media hit for the VW’s ceiling

When I wrote this article Karen Graham and her partner were installing a new SplashMaps ceiling in their conversion of a VW camper van. Did we know what would happen with the end result? Their work inspired us to start our own dedicated product line for helping people with mappy projects! When it was posted on the “I love the Lake District” FB page it got 1000 likes and plenty of shares, making it our best customer’s customisation post this season. Check it out.

Top Ambassadors – Glocky9’s network in the Lakes

Paul and his dog Alfred (@glocky9 and @glockyk9) wear their maps all over the Lake District

Our list of ambassadors (these people inspire folk to spend more time in the outdoors) grew by 14. They are normally big influencers in cycling walking and running. But this year’s star is Paul McLoughlin, or Glocky9. He and his network of Lake District lovers have introduced more customers to us than anyone else. That’s more people properly equipped for the lakes. Thanks for helping them all Paul! Check out your reward on our portal. Stage one on our journey together was when Paul applied to our affiliate scheme. Time to give it a go?

Top creative title writer– Kate’s title will be a winner under the tree..

Earlier in the season we advised folk on how to make the perfect title. Did you take any notice? Let’s see! In fact my favourite on our final Christmas print batch was “Kate’s wet, windy walks and bike rides map”.  No doubt Kate’s title was a winner under the tree and deserves a place in this year’s hall of fame. Would you rather your relative made-up their own title? Great news! Our vouchers are available to download immediately on purchase AND we’re offering a Toob upgrade FREE of charge! The perfect last minute gift?

Top Story – Mountain white-out navigation

Will demonstrates there’s no better way to navigate in blizzard conditions in the Cairngorms

The top story by open rate wasn’t anything to do with our terrific deals over black Friday, but was from our newsletter sent on 14th December. We featured a mountain leader and rescue volunteer story of white-out navigation story by another of our ambassadors, Will Close-Ash. What’s been the harshest test of your map?

Top retailer – Running and Paddle Boarding

Jon of Dezign Ideaz shows-off his new product with SplashMaps

We’re delighted that 2 new retailers joined us in December. The well established Devon based trail running business, Run Venture, has taken delivery of our famous Dartmoor Toobs and our latest Toob of the Tamar Valley!  ESEA Strap became our first retailer targeting the rapidly growing paddle-board market. A dedicated Toob neckwarmer was conceived and designed between our teams and will be promoted alongside their SUP innovations here.

Best export customer – Lush

New York stores receive thier first fabric maps

Regular readers will not be surprised that Lush take top spot here. This year we’ve been exporting to Japan, USA, Canada, Germany and Croatia using our unique SplashTex recycled fabric for Maps and Knot-wraps. This years other new retailers mean we now export on 4 continents, including Antarctica!

Reasons to be grateful

With so many reasons to be grateful for what’s happened this year, we thank our ambassadors and all others above for making our 2018 dreams come true. You’ve all helped us develop the relationships, grow the revenue (80% this year) and guided us on a new path for 2019. Inspirational.

Come join this hall of fame

Next year we’ll work with more inspirational people in more countries, helping ever greater numbers into the outdoors. Next year will be very different indeed! Please stick around and if you can help us with that aim, come join this hall of fame!

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