Hajimemashite Tokyo!

SplashMaps‘ latest designs for Lush have just hit the streets of Tokyo!

SplashMaps knot-wrap as a beautiful accessory

Tokyo is impossible to navigate?

So many people complain that Tokyo is impossible to navigate.  Those signs, the street crossings, the bustle and the unique ways of addressing buildings.

Now it’s a breeze.  Our simple to follow map design in Lush’s bold colours makes a beautiful accessory, a brilliant carrier and is clarity itself when it comes to navigating the streets of Shibuya.

Simply follow your nose

#FindYourWay in Tokyo

Feeling lost?  Follow your nose to that familiar scent of Lush, pop-in, buy a SplashMap knot-wrap.  Sorted!

Hajimemashite Tokyo!

So it’s Hajimemashite Tokyo from our joint team of funky fabric designers and printers!


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