Great Plans for 2022!

It’s not the scale of your plans for 2022 that matters – as 2021 showed us, short bursts of outdoor activity close to home are sanity savers.

What matters is that your plans suit you, they meet your needs, support your goals for fitness or wellbeing & bring you personal satisfaction, even joy!

Then you need the tools to make them happen.

Frank & Caroline (above) plan to ride on in 2022 with their unique map & making your own personalised maps is easy. Just choose a great location (worldwide!), pick a scale to suit your activities & add a title (meaningful/motivating – optional!).

Caroline’s map is 90x90cm version on satin, but there are 10 different styles of personalised weatherproof fabric map, from Toobs to tablecloths. Any will help you plan, navigate & turn your outdoor plans (big & small) into reality.

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