Get Toobs & Get Personal!

Toobs!We already know that Toobs are a great gift.  You don’t get shortlisted Gift of the Year for Nothing!

Get Toobs & Get Personal!

But now they’re personalised!  Now you can centre a map of anywhere in the world and have it turned into a Toob with your title on it!

Simply head to our personalisation engine here, define your area in our quick and simple map editor, give it a title. Once the map is in the cart you can select to have it made into a Toob!

Why personalise?

Have you noticed the trend toward personalisation?  My tip for summer, just brace yourself for the cryptic t-shirt design and the “pic of my shiatsu” cushion on your sofa.

Perhaps ours is the most practical of all personalisation?  Personal to you, specific to your location, survives most beatings and makes you the most reliably located person on your trail.

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