Geomob week

Gary Gale presents What3Words at Geovation hub

Gary Gale presents What3Words at Geomob

Geomob week

It’s a geomob week this week – and you’re invited.  Could this be where your geo-venture starts off?

Every 2 months the best #geonerds in the world gather in London for 6 industry leading presentations from the world of geo-technology, cartographic design and imaginative deployment of merged location relevant technologies.

Andrew Trigg wins Mike Hall's Illustrated London SplashMap

Andrew Trigg lays down a challenge and wins the SplashMap

Geo challenges

In the past the Land Registry have laid down 9 figure challenges to the assembled experts and chancers, London’s land ownership scandal has been exposed and we’ve even entertained the challenges of mapping on Mars.

Networking your idea

Image of Anna cropped2

Anna Powell-Smith Exposes Mugabe and others as owners of key buildings in London

It all comes down-to-earth at the essential networking beers in a pub nearby.

SplashMaps are always thrilled to co-sponsor and love to give one of our coveted maps as a prize for the best speaker.  Could that be you?

When and where?

This week’s event is at the British Computer Society in Covent Garden, London.  You are welcome to join us!  Check this and subsequent events here at Geomob’s website.

Take part

Be part of the community and first to share in the latest thinking from start-ups, Universities, big business and even the occasional government department.  Come and join us at Geomob!


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