Dragons did This??

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

Really? Dragons did This??

I’m visiting more global publishers and national retailers today.  Since the beginning of the year I’ve lost count of the deals struck with publishers.  But these publisher are actually buyers. I love my publisher partners, they give us the best mapping on the planet after all, but now we help them extend their brands into virgin territory by commissioning bespoke SplashMaps.

All this came from a change in perception.  You may even be able to see this change on the TV clip for Dragon’s Den (first screening 31st July 2016). But did the connections start with this?

Lash carrier-05Do we make maps for outdoor people? Certainly 70% of our users are walkers. Do we make gifts? We know 50% of them are given to loved ones. Or do we do an amazing job of getting fantastically detailed images onto a range of fabrics in a family of compelling formats? Well, everyone we’ve sold to so far benefits from this, but here we start to move away from simply a better map, to a much broader proposition.

Most of our followers noticed a rush of news that came close on the tail of filming at Dragons Den.  The big break was when LUSH approached us for a joint project on a novel MapWrap.  Such a novel concept that could only be born outside a map maker mentality!  Did the influence of the Dragons play a part in this?

Daily Echo speculate on the outcome with one day to go!

Daily Echo speculate on the outcome with one day to go!

Decide for yourselves, but LUSH are now the biggest retailer of fabric maps in the country after the launch in July and the signs there’ll be more.





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