Divided or partnered?

For lovers of geography and maps, Tim Marshall’s book, ‘Divided’ (like all his others), is an inspiration. He brilliantly captues both the necessity and the futility of building ‘The Wall’ around so many countries’ borders.

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Now, often hemmed-in by our own walls, it’s hard to imagine why we’d choose to divide our world even more. But in his closing chapter, Tim explores the utopia of a completely borderless world. Nationhood vanishes and there is no excuse to supress others within the non-existent bounds. An avalanche of benefits hits a barrage of disadvantages for many as the dash to a better life for the majority becomes unhindred.

We’re grateful to Bob Shaw whose knowledge of the outdoors, military & WW2 has helped us so much

Still, the world outside hardens and divides. But, we can all work on the one thing known to traverse all boundaries. Our relationships. Afterall it’s thanks partnerships that humans thrive. And in our many partnerships we find an identity way beyond the walls and isolation we might feel now. We strive for a greater purpose.

At SplashMaps we have amazing partners in supply, influence, technology, retail, export and advice. All help us turn projects into reality. Together we share a purpose in makng the outdoors fun, accessible, findable and explorable.

Our relationships with map makers goes beyond simply paying royalties

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