Delivery is everything

This week Trojan are shipping a lot of destination maps to people like you

Delivery is everything this time of year. But whilst our approach may not be seen as conventional, I hope this story will help you glow a little about your purchasing choice this Christmas.

A stone’s throw

For the second Christmas running we are using an ethical social enterprise, Trojan Mailing for our delivery. Based in Shirley, Southampton – a stones throw from my family’s first home – Trojan is no ordinary fulfilment house.

Trojan, ethical mailing from Shirley, Southampton

Learning difficulties

Started by Craig Brown over 10 years ago the purpose of the business is to build-up confidence for those with learning difficulties and mental health issues wishing to enter or re-enter the work place.

The skills needed for delivery

“Lack of confidence is a strong barrier to progressing for vulnerable people”, says Craig. “We’re able to train people in the skills needed for delivery in a commercial business environment”.

Carmen and the team

Supportive environment

Craig provides a supportive environment for his employees, to fulfil orders for a large selection of Hampshire based businesses.

Programme to transition employees

Unlike most fulfilment houses, after essential delivery skills have been mastered, Trojan has an active programme to transition employees to work with other companies. Craig then helps to bed the employees into their new roles.

A few old hands

There’s a regular throughput of people as a result. Still a few old hands have found Trojan to be ideal for their way of work and have been there since the start.

How you’re supporting

At SplashMaps we have a strong belief in what Craig and team are doing. As a customer of ours, we thought you’d like to know just how you’re supporting an important part of the community when buying a map.

Any problems are shared

On the business level, we love the way that any problems are shared and we all work together with enthusiasm for sorting things out for the customer.


The spirit at Trojan is best described as “jolly” on all my visits there. Few people are more upbeat than Craig himself, having found a true purpose in helping others in his unique business. And as the Jolliness grows, so does the business. Just 2 years ago Trojan bought Hampshire Press and now offers a versatile print service. It’s a real boon which SplashMaps have already exploited as they often sort out our packaging, leafleting and the range of our marketing materials.

This week’s deliveries

All the personalised maps for Christmas delivery are being/ have dispatched before the end of Thursday 19th. Throughout the week and up to Monday morning, destination maps can be bought from stock but order by Friday midday in order to assure a Christmas delivery.

After that point you’ll need to find your local SplashMaps retailer.


New recycled mappy packing

Craig has transitioned us off our plastic mailing pouces to start using recycled paper envelopes. Have you received one of these yet? It’s just one way this relationship works for us all and the environment too!

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