Dartmoor in the Dark

Danny Clarke or Dartmoor Search and Rescue presents the Dartmoor SplashMap to this lucky hiker for the -10 degree chilled Dartmoor in the Dark event.

Dartmoor in the Dark Hike Challenge

Dartmoor Search and Rescue team love to give people greater confidence in the outdoors. Dartmoor in the Dark, led by Danny Clarke, is an awesome way to get over the feat of dark, exposure and all the fun of a night hike. 

Supporting Search and Rescue

We love supporting group events aimed at getting more people outdoors, and of course we love supporting Search and Rescue for the awesome work they do.

So this Dartmoor SplashMap was donated as top prize for those who took part. 

Conditions were challenging

It was a baptism of ice. With the photo Danny told me “Here is the winner of the map last night.”, conditions were challenging but everyone loved the adventure even though it was “-10 wind chill out on the moor last night.” 

Woah! That’s how you get people outside! Nice one Danny and Team!

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