Customers Say

We’re constantly listening to what our Customers Say. As things gear up for xMas, here’s a few reasons they bought a SplashMap.

Given the alternatives, why buy a SplashMap?

“Even the laminated ones get knackered with wet and hard wear. Plus they are a pain to carry in a jersey pocket.”

“The Peak West one in 1:40,000 scale covers my local area without having to carry two maps and it’s easier to carry.”

So it’s great as a map, perhaps that’s why we’re on so many magazine’s xMas lists this year? But what else will you do with it?

Tiff with buff onPractical Fashion? “I will do all those things (scrunch it, wear it, stuff it in pockets). I will use it like my Buff … improvised hair tying, bike fix of flapping things, bandage, bicycle clip for trousers.”

Taking a breather? “Use it as an impromptu picnic blanket when rest-stopping.”

Map Obsessive? “Hang it on the wall as a picture! May even get it framed…! ”

Survivalist? “It could be used as a piece of first aid kit. Securing dressings, supporting sprains etc. It would be useful to tie around face in dust storms Carry water a short distance? ”

Cat tormentor? “drag my cat around the floor on it” – Okay, I’d like to point you to our cats in peril clause item 21 in our FAQ’s.

Steve takes his SplashMap to the Gorges

Steve takes his SplashMap to the Gorges

So What’s the most important thing to consider when buying a map?  80% of our customers say it’s versatility and robustness which explains why only 8% of our customers would go back to their old mapping ways!  This is what they said;

Health and safety alert! “Because I can swish it in my jersey and it probably won’t scratch me or fall out. It will be ok if I fall in a river.”

“Takes up less room, doesn’t fall apart if it gets wet”


“… when you are on the trail your equipment needs to work hard.”

Personalised Maps on neckPersonalised Maps “My main thing is having the right geographical area on one sheet… so the detail is centred on the right place.”

“Easily usable, and tough are required when out in all weathers”

What these customers say really helps us optimise SplashMaps for your unique adventures.  Thanks to all who answer our questionnaire, now you can enjoy your nice discount in the run-up to xMas; discount voucher here!

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