Customers find their way

Customers find their way

Customer survey compositeOur customers find their way of using SplashMaps.  And they are far from conventional!

We have an ongoing questionnaire that’s emailed to people shortly after they receive a SplashMap for the first time.  It’s a great way of gathering info on how we can improve and just what people are looking for.  It’s clear that SplashMaps helps people from top to tail!

Cracks and Bums

Dave Barwell ran courses to teach navigation for 30 years, but last year needed a map to take to Snowdonia with his sons.  He looked for something that wouldn’t tear or crack if folded the wrong way.  But he found a couple of uses that went beyond… “Kept my rear dry when I sat on it on wet heather..tucked at the back of a Tilley… served as a hat that would kept off wind, rain and sun.”

Head wounds & slings

Ashley from Farnbroough is a Walker, Mountain Biker and a Petrol Head. He found our “easy to navigate website” worked well with his mobile and that what he got was “More than just a map. When needed it can be a bandage, a headscarf, a sling, a mop and all machine washable.”

Folding’s for nancies!

Amanda from Dorset was introduced to SplashMaps on a mountain bike course. She says they’re “easy to use,” there’s “no folding of large paper ordnance survey maps” and the map “stores in my back pack easily”.

Find Your Way

Okay they’re randomly chosen, but 28% of our customers took the time to complete the survey, it’s taken a loooong time to dig through.

All these customers are finding new things and new ways of using the most versatile piece of kit in the wilds.

Now it’s time to find your way! #FindYourWay


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