Club Together for Premium Custom Maps at Unbeatable Prices

Did you know that our premium custom maps are now more affordable than paper when bought in bulk?

Hikers with matching Toob Maps in Scotland’s Creag Mhor look the business on the trail!

With Ordnance Survey Leisure’s (OSMaps) prices rising 30%😱, it’s the perfect time to group together and make the most of our stronger 💪, high-quality fabric map offerings. Here’s why you should consider buying in bulk today:

1. Market Shift: More Value for Less

Recent price hikes from folded map providers mean that our premium products are better AND cheaper when bought in bulk 🤩. Whether you’re interested in ‘UK maps’, ‘USA maps’, or a fully ‘customisable map’, we offer superior quality for 25% less!*

2. Why go premium with Fabric Maps?

Our maps are crafted with precision and tailored to your needs. From ‘OS custom maps’ to detailed ‘USA maps’, not only do our products stand out with customisable features – such as club badges and favourite routes – that our competitors can’t match, they’re also totally weatherproof.

3. Bulk Buying Benefits

Scout Maps are often bought in bulk by parents, exec committees and leaders

By pooling resources and buying in bulk –like Scouts groups have done with their SplashMaps for years – you can enjoy significant savings. Not only do you reduce the cost per map, but you also gain access to our exclusive custom designs and faster delivery options.

4. Easy and Efficient Bulk Ordering

Organising a bulk purchase is simple. Club members, be they a DofE team, a Ramblers group, MTB buddies or Kayak paddlers, can easily coordinate orders through our streamlined map maker process, ensuring everyone gets the maps they need without hassle. Simply;

Our super simple Map Maker process, starts with you choosing an area
  • set up the area you want covered
  • at the perfect scale and
  • add a title
  • Tap in how many your group needs!

Uploading your club/ group insignia or favourite route comes next. Volume discounts are done right then. For 20 units it’s half price! And that’s a whole 25% cheaper than the degrading folded paper version of exactly the same area.

5. Act Now and Save!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Visit our Map Maker or contact us directly to learn more about our bulk buying AND even better value wholesale options. Save on your map budget today!

By buying in bulk, you’re not only getting the best maps available but also maximising value for your entire club. Make the smart choice and take advantage of our premium custom maps at unbeatable prices now!

*Based on 20 x Ordnance Survey Leisure Personalised Folded Paper Map with map are of 80 x 80cm vs SplashMaps Pro fabric maps bought directly here.

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