Bob Graham Round SplashMap

Steve and I make minor changes.  Print file is ready!

Steve and I make minor changes to the Bob Graham Round. Print file is ready!

It was great to meet Chairman of The Society of Cartographers, long distance runner and author Steve Chilton at the Travellers Rest near Grasmere. Steve was touring the Lakes in support of his book, “It’s a hill, get over it!” and researching his forthcoming book on the history of the biggest challenge of them all, The Bob Graham Round. After a quick Reccie of the Dunmail Raise cross-over point by the shores of the Thirlmere lake we retired to the pub, the Travellers Rest, to look at Maps with his lovely wife, Moira, and sample the local Ale.  The Bob Graham Round SplashMap needed only final tweeks and the print file is now ready!

Sneak preview?

Helping the Bob Grahams get over the hills

Helping the Bob Grahams get over the hills

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