Bikers, Runners,Campers, Creatives and Cartographers give thumbs-up to SplashMaps! Media views on SplashMaps

We met Bike Biz magazine at the VOSmedia’s Outdoors show last month.  They’ve been kind enough to go to print about us ;-).  Turn to page 50 on the following link and find out how they think we beat GPS and other printed maps!


Looks like they’re not the only ones!

For hitting the “sweet spot” for campers, see the article in ProCamping! And for runners we’re in amongst the reviews of new Puma trainer technologies in Trek and Run.

The Creative Industries also covered our work in their Knowledge Transfer Network.  It seems it’s not just the adventurers and catrographic types that like what we’re doing!

The Science is not lost on the location industries trade and educational press with solid support from GeoConnexion and Directions Magazine who gather some great quotes from the industry and our favourite geo bloggers!

Art or Science?  One event that looks at both aspects for SplashMaps is Geonext!  If you’re in Sydney on 27th February, you can see the latest science in cartography and a gallery of the resultant maps in production (including you know what ;-)).

And it’s not just the English Speaking world that wants more from SplashMaps; here is the World of Cartography according to La Cartoteca  in Spanish.

Here’s a prediction of a future SplashMap announcement; remember this from Andy Pope at GoGeo?  Andy, I hope to have some “services news” for you shortly and a timeline that will confirm Gary Gale’s wish for a SplashMap in his New Years post.

But my favourite is the blog entry by the Ordnance Survey who propose we make bras from SplashMaps!  The bad news is that we’ll focus more on the clarity of the contours and less on the containment of curvatures ;-).  We’re about maps!

It’s great to make a Splash like this!  Follow our twitter and facebook pages to keep up with what’s happening.

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