An upgrade

An upgrade


Upgrades for personalised Maps

My Mum wanted an upgrade from the personalised Ordnance Survey map I’d bought 10 years ago. What would you suggest? Personalised products are a growing trend, but with our popular personalised weatherproof fabric maps now available for their 4th Christmas, how can you advance upon such a beautifully simple design idea?

3 easy steps

Jump to our Make-a-Map service, and in 3 easy steps you could have your personalised SplashMap in any of our 4 amazing formats simply by clicking the radio buttons. And there’s on-screen help if you need.

Our standard


The SplashMap rapidly dries and covers all the trails. They can be centred anywhere in the world!

Our standard is the amazing weatherproof fabric 72 x 72 cm (28” x 28”) square available in 1:25k Ordnance Survey style or our own 1:40 000 scale for the rest of the world. It’s perfect for finding your way anywhere in the world, whatever your challenge and whatever the weather.  So how can you top this?


Toobs take maps to new heights

  • Upgrade to a Toob and turn your map into the most versatile of headwear in a format popularly worn by cyclists, runners, walkers, climbers, all water sports folk and skiers.


Super Sized SplashMap as a table cloth

  • Upgrade to Supersize your map (130 x 130cm or 51” x 51”) and you’ve grown your weatherproof fabric map into a briefing-ready situation map that handily doubles-up as a stop-and-stare map statement table-cloth.

Shower curtain

Personalised Map Shower Curtain

  • Mappy Shower curtains; If supersized wasn’t big enough for you, how about a 2m (78”) drop shower curtain complete with eyelets and rings. Choose this option if your best walking/ climbing/ running ideas come to you during that post-challenge scrub.

Make-a-Map upgrade NOW!

Our philosophy? Get inspired, have a great idea and act upon it.  What are you waiting for?  Sort out your Make-a-Map upgrade now!

And there’s a discount!

Yes, any of the coupon codes you get from entering our competition or joining our mailing list can be applied to make your utterly unique maps totally affordable.

Upgrade further?

Party season is upon us! Brand new offerings have just been added. Any of our formal map wear range will proclaim your mapping prowess and, with the best tailoring and materials, they’re always a talking point. Start here.

Already involved

Reading these posts means you’re already involved in upgrades born of innovation. We’re constantly listening, experimenting and improving thanks to our readers. Could you be the first to try the next personalisation evolution? Is it time for you to join our team of affiliates?

For challengers and gift buyers

Once these innovations are polished enough for challengers and gift buyers, we add them as upgrades on our Make-a-Map service.  So, not only do you get the latest of our discoveries in fabrics, fine print and maps, BUT you get to choose ANYWHERE on the planet to make the most unique mapwear ever!

My Mum’s latest upgrade

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