Adventure More often

We all need to Adventure More often. Be it for self-improvement, exercise or wellbeing, there’s no doubt … the benefits are huge. But what gets in your way? Just why don’t we ALL adventure every day?

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The 5 Barriers

David with Alex Middleton on a wet circular near Arundel in the South Downs National Park

In this film I meet Adventurer, Alex Middleton, co-founder of Vespucci Adventures, to explore part of the beautifully rainy South Downs National Park near Arundel. Together we look at the 5 barriers that hold most people back, and give you 5 simple things you can do to beat them!

Why should Alex and I know?

Alex on the path network around Arundel

Alex is an accomplished adventurer, having cycled Istanbul to Hong Kong. These days he enjoys great success in coaxing people out of London and into the country with a gift pack of curated, accessible walks.

I love what he’s discovered about getting people past their fears and onto the trails.

Me? I started SplashMaps and our weatherproof fabric maps in response to a life-long frustration with folded paper maps, battery power and distractions.

Together, our inventions make adventure and exploration accessible for anyone anywhere.

Hindrances to your outdoor time

So, how many of the below hindrances to your outdoor time do you recognise?

The train is the best way to arrive! Low Carbon and arrive at convenient rendez-vous points called stations!

1. Driving’s a strain…. so Take the Train! Low Carbon, lands you in the right place and a network of easy to find stations. What’s not to like about starting an adventure this way?

2. It’s too easy to get lost…so, Bring the right Map! Clearly the wet (like any type of weather) favours the SplashMap! Every walk leader knows that a printed map is essential for safety as well as navigation. Only one type of map can be held simply in these conditions.

Choose a map that can be used in all conditions. Rain and wind are frequent problems for paper maps.

3. The weather holds you back… so, Invest in the kit! Wet weather holds most people back. But really, there’s no such thing as bad weather… simply the wrong type of clothes.

4. Don’t want to starve to death … so, Plan for the Pub!

5. I don’t know enough about those places … so get some local advice. There really are simple ways to overcoming all these barriers.

Adventure more often

Watch and enjoy as we squelch our way through each problem and why not commit to joining a growing community of explorers who adventure more often.

During our walk we:

-Avoid being squashed by HGV’s on a narrow bridge

-Narrowly miss a Pheasant attack

-Stay mostly dry against the persistent rain

-Take-in the beauty and mystery of a cloud-shrouded day in this ancient valley

-Almost achieve a 4 minute mile as we dash for the train!

Vespucci Adventures gift adventure packs for Londoners is here https://vespucciadventures.com/signat… And the SplashMap for this visit is right here https://www.splash-maps.com/shop/sout…

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