Winter Adventure Gift + FREE pen!

Penning a route on a personalised map of France using a SplashMap

Adventure time is extra precious this year. So choosing Winter Adventure Gifts that optimise fun and exploration time is a must. And the shortest route to memorable new experiences is making a quick plan with a FREE washable pen on your SplashMap:

Use code “adventuregift” on checkout for a free map pen!

First, spread out a map – seeing the whole area clearly laid out makes it child’s play to plan visits to new places. Try award-winning weatherproof fabric maps, they’re scrunchable, virtually indestructible and avoid anxieties around batteries, apps or the origami of paper maps.

Then, choose a route to suit everyone. Mark it on an Ordnance Survey SplashMap with a washable pen (FREE with the above coupon).

Finally, navigate confidently following the marked route and enjoy the adventure!

Tailoring unique maps for individual staycations is simple. Select an area and scale, then choose a title and format – from headwear to trail towels and masks, SplashMaps have you covered.

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