A New Era of Adventure with International SplashMaps

Embark on a New Era of Adventure with International SplashMaps: Unveiling Our Enhanced Custom Fabric Map Offering!

James May; just one celebrity customer consigning paper maps to the bin

There’s an industry leading relaunch with our International SplashMaps custom fabric map offering at the upcoming National Outdoor Expo 2024! So, what sets our fabric maps apart from previous iterations? Well, listening to our customers and adventurers it had to be more scales, styles, and whole world coverage! From March 23rd 2024, we have that coverage PLUS new content from authoritative suppliers. Custom fabric maps now come in two scales worldwide: 1:25k for hikers and 1:50k for cyclists and those venturing further.


New Enhanced

International SplashMaps

Tailor to your precise adventure need

But that’s not all! Our fabric maps now feature official maps for the entire USA and Great Britain via USGS and Ordnance Survey, alongside SplashMaps’ familiar style worldwide. This enhancement allows outdoor enthusiasts to accurately tailor these indestructible maps to their precise needs, whether exploring the familiar landscapes of home or embarking on international adventures.


USGS* SplashMap Microfibre Towel

*Featuring Hannover, New Hampshire USA.

Properly experience adventure

Recently physical map sales have seen greater than 100% growth, part driven by unreliable battery life and phone apps, but mostly it’s the desire to properly experience adventure that’s leading adventurers back to trusted physical alternatives. And that’s where SplashMaps’ ‘Unlimited Adventure’ approach to navigation shines! Our fabric maps enhance your adventure experience rather than test your degrading paper folding skills. Garnering praise from pioneers like John Blashford-Snell who says, ‘I always recommend SplashMaps, they’re the only maps that work for the Scientific Exploration Society’s work in hostile and remote regions of the world.’

#UnlimitedAdventure: No folds, no batteries, no faff!

Enhanced Fabric Maps

At the National Outdoor Expo 2024, be first to get hold of our enhanced fabric maps. Visit C56 to meet explorers and advocate customers plus experience the spirit of our Armchair Adventure Festival. PLUS, help make dedicated maps for veterans charities, AFPST & Hidden Valley Bushcraft, by bringing your favourite outdoor personality to our paper map ‘Fold-off’!


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Enhanced International SplashMaps: Don’t miss out!

Don’t miss out on the adventure, join us at the National Outdoor Expo 2024 and be first to explore the world with newly enhanced SplashMaps! Want a FREE ticket? Here’s how.

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