A little cog

Every small business with bigger ambitions has to realise its size and focus in on what it does best.  Its unique contribution toward the bigger dream.

Our Ad in Giftware Review seeks partners…

A little cog

SplashMaps was set-up to become the obvious thing you grabbed by the front door before taking a spontaneous walk, ride or run.  It’s a tool.  Versatile and unique.  But ultimately a tool.

Part of something bigger?

Tools only work well when applied with a level of skill toward something that makes a difference.  In the rights hands the right tools can build opportunities, realise goals and even improve lives.

We want people to get the most out of the outdoors.  To get out there more often and perhaps see the benefits of a stronger relationship with mother nature.  I know the urge to explore and adventure is strong in me, and the evidence is that it’s strong with others too.

Identifying where we add most to well-being

In the past year we doubled sales by focussing on gift buyers.  Our new retail packaging, materials and map styles are all aimed at those that would put maps into the hands of others.

Can we work at this together?

If you or your business have the reach, or the potential reach, we’d love to meet you.  Let’s work together using our combined skills and resources to get more people to love and use the outdoors.  Could anything be more worth while? Let’s talk!

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