Fabric by the metre

Have a hobby project that involves maps? Then our map fabric by the metre options will bring your love for the outdoors to a new level.

Ultimate flexibility

The ultimate flexibility is via our Interior Design option on the Map Maker. Simply position the map wherever you like in the world and get a full 1.4m width and a length up to 2.8m long at the true map makers scale. Start here Get Started!


Map blind in the map room

Choose fixed sizes on the Map Maker

Our Map Maker is there so you can choose the best format whatever your plans. The two tablecloth sizes allow you to make square and rectangular sections of map, tastefully blown-up from our standard scales for a super clear print. The unique SplashTex recycled fabric is suitable for a great many projects from curtains to cushions. Get Started!


Ordnance Survey Personalised Tablecloths are just one of the many custom map formats you can create using our map maker. Simply choose the place you want, select one of the tablecloth formats and give a title if you wish. Simple!

A different fabric?

Our standard fabrics are Pro weatherproof fabric, SplashTex, Satin or Iris (as used in our stretchable headwear). However, we’ve been able to help customers with special material requirements. Check out the Jacket lining project below and give our experts a call on +44 2380 972246 or email us.


The WW2 map lined leather bomber jacket was refurbished with a heavy satin using one of battle maps

Had an idea, but would rather someone else made it?

With many years of fabric map making we know a lot of people that could make your design dreams come true. We’d be delighted to connect you with our maker friends. Email us with your needs!

Want us to print your own design as a one-off?

If you have your own design (and have the permission to reproduce it) we’d love to turn this into a very unique fabric map product for you. Simply choose our prototype options below.

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    Your Design SplashMap

  • battle-field-tour-guide

    Larger Prototypes

  • map-vanfitting-splashmaps

    Map My Van