Mark-up your journey in the knowledge you can wash it off later.

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What are SplashMaps Pens?

Mark-in what's important to you for your adventure

Mark what’s important to you and wash off when done.

Want to put some very specific information on the map for today’s adventure? SplashMaps pens are for marking your route and key planning information directly onto your map.

These are washable felt tipped pens so you can wash everything off later when your adventure is over.  This means you can mark-in your meeting points, where’s dry, where’s muddy etc.

A free SplashMaps pen is delivered with every SplashMap order from our website, but you may want to vary your colours, or perhaps you just need a new pen.

If you bought your map from a shop, use the last three numbers of the bar code as the discount code in the coupon box at checkout.

SplashMaps Pens

SplashMaps Pens

Warning: Don’t use these pens on any other type of map.  The pen is designed for use on fabric.  Permanent features could be marked on our map using a permanent marker.

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Dimensions 14 × 1 cm