We’ve created our first custom-made Instagram friendly map in the UK together with Clarion Communications. The 6 islands of the Outer Hebrides are already in Lonely’s Planet’s top 5 regions to visit in 2019….

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The limits of endurance Mountain rescue and leader training are defined by extremes. They happen at the limits of endurance, in the face of shear weather and foreboding terrain. But the mountain attracts and…

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Green Halo At SplashMaps we want everyone to gain an interest in the outdoors. How great that the Green Halo partnership recognise the connection between our maps and significant well-being benefits. They’ve invited SplashMaps…

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A good guide book I love a good guide book, those elegantly composed marvels of condensed knowledge and purposeful suggestion assure you squeeze every last drop of holiday refreshment from your annual retreat. To…

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Planning that challenge – Part 2 In part 2 of our “Planning that challenge” series we now present your 6 point plan to adventure planning! Previously we looked at  what you want to gain…

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For my brother-in-law the best way to mark a birthday is to celebrate with a ride on his mountain bike.  A plan was hatched, and the location seemed to choose itself.  But if we…

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SplashMaps‘ latest designs for Lush have just hit the streets of Tokyo! Tokyo is impossible to navigate? So many people complain that Tokyo is impossible to navigate.  Those signs, the street crossings, the bustle…

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Roger’s a runner of trails and author of the “I run off-road” blog.  Particularly he, like me, loves the trails in one of our newest National Parks, the South Downs.  And it’s to him…

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It seems like 2017 is starting well as our latest Toob is shortlisted Gift of the Year 2017! The organisers of the awards, the Gift Association, nominated SplashMaps during the Autumn Fair last year….

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Stocked all over Great Britain SplashMaps are stocked in 34 locations around Great Britain!  With so many shops now selling fabric maps, perhaps it’s time for you to fill the blanks on the map! …

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