Would you go walking the South Downs Way at -5 Celcius? Chilled veteran and SplashMaps lover Nick Goldsmith did just that AND wild camped along the route. Meet the Adventurers In the first of…

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Over the past two years we’ve seen a lot of trails. So, ever helpful, SplashMap’s films are a great resource for choosing your Top 5 National Trails. These shorts feature solo trail blazers, couples,…

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Our home country experienced one of the wettest and hottest summers on record! Soaring temperatures and torrential downpours made for an unreliable season. Unsurprisingly, that’s our kind of summer and our customers, retailers and…

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I’ve Harry Styles to thank for my National Park Explore of the South Downs this afternoon. Mrs SplashMaps and the Splashlets are obsessed with One Direction and headed to the O2 early enough that…

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SplashMaps are ideal for long distance mountain biking, particularly now that we can produce the main National Trails thanks to Harvey Maps. Last week we delivered a South Downs Way map to Rachel Goddard. …

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An amazing day of sunshine, filming, frosty ground and generous customers prepared to stand for hours to help in our latest campaign.  Yep filming took place in the South Downs for our “Confidence in…

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I took our South Downs West SplashMap into the National Park to get some views.  The key ones? Highlighted rights of way save time and ease navigation GPS and phone signals are poor in…

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Last Night we held a SplashMaps Self Guide Night ride. Beautiful evening. Huge orange moon, trails dry and fast between Shawford, Cheesefoot head and Gander Down.SplashMaps Self Guide Night Ride

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We’re constantly listening to expert and user views on SplashMaps (as you can see from all the other blog entries) But when you hear this from the guy responsible for the South Downs Way,…

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