Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, Chris’ guide to the ultimate running maps has everything you need to know to find the perfect route for your next workout. Meet our Ambassador…

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Thousands of enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts joined us at the National Outdoor Expo on 18-19th March. They explored using unique all-weather personalised maps in the outdoors and so much more. Here’s 7 new experiences that…

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If you’re relying on your phone’s GPS and find yourself in a place where there is no signal or the battery dies, what will happen? Make sure to bring a physical map with you at all times!

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Ever wanted to share that special place where it all began? Maybe a place where you plan something romantic on February 14th? Well, here’s our Valentines Limited Edition SplashMap! We’ve gone mushy (well, scrunchible…

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SplashMaps is looking to Richard Branson to help get maps on fabric to the broader public. VOTE  SplashMaps using this link,  until March 5th. SplashMaps excels in selling to high end specialists who really…

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SplashMaps are ahead of the game again! Our first street level city maps launch simultaneously through our retail partners and our website. Our London Maps are designed for walking, running and touring the city….

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Paper Chases and Easter Treasure Maps season is upon us again! As usual, finding clues more quickly than the other guy is the name of the game. See our film above for top tips!…

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Well made maps for running turn fitness seekers into adventurers.  No two training sessions need be the same again. SplashMaps have a strong following from all types of runners. Fell Runner Ultra Runner The…

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