Thousands of enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts joined us at the National Outdoor Expo on 18-19th March. They explored using unique all-weather personalised maps in the outdoors and so much more. Here’s 7 new experiences that…

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An innovative way to explore the world Fabric maps are an innovative way to explore the world and discover new places. They are lightweight, waterproof, easy to fold up, and incredibly durable. It’s no…

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Hot in Germany It’s been a hectic week at Europe’s largest gathering of the Outdoor industry. My heart-felt thanks to all who visited our Austrian/ German/ UK team on the SplashMaps stand. We loved…

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Walkers are a persistent bunch. Photos from Personal, Annual, Life long and bucket list challenges arrive all the time. The titles and formats of maps say almost too much about our challengers!

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Could reliable navigation dramatically improve your outdoors fun? Current freezing conditions mean you’d be daft to head for the trails underprepared. So, for the ultimate all-season navigation advice, here’s 5 top adventurers’ tips for…

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Join this Hall of fame It’s great to look back across a year and dig into the highlights. Better still to pay tribute to those that helped the most and, today, we’re listing in…

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Three things you need from custom maps Serious explorers and adventurers – like gift buyers for walkers, cyclists and runners – know there are three things you need from custom maps. Our short films…

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They’re now in print. The ultimate evidence that you can adventure, inspire and gift anywhere on the planet for pretty much any outdoor venture you could imagine. From desert to jungle, from lakes to…

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This week our Make-a-Map personalised map service took-on its greatest test. Can our maps be made to explore anywhere? Could we really make dedicated maps for 9 of the countries’ top explorers’ expeditions in…

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A teenage jaunt to Tanzania I’m a Dad. And like most Dads who’s kids suddenly become teenage, life becomes a series of major stepping stones. My latest came this week with a teenage jaunt…

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