It’s not the scale of your plans for 2022 that matters – as 2021 showed us, short bursts of outdoor activity close to home are sanity savers. What matters is that your plans suit you,…

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The limits of endurance Mountain rescue and leader training are defined by extremes. They happen at the limits of endurance, in the face of shear weather and foreboding terrain. But the mountain attracts and…

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Green Halo At SplashMaps we want everyone to gain an interest in the outdoors. How great that the Green Halo partnership recognise the connection between our maps and significant well-being benefits. They’ve invited SplashMaps…

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A good guide book I love a good guide book, those elegantly composed marvels of condensed knowledge and purposeful suggestion assure you squeeze every last drop of holiday refreshment from your annual retreat. To…

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SplashMaps’ “Survive Everything” maps for mountain lovers are the most durable and practical bits of kit in your outdoor armoury. Weatherproof and wearable fabric maps are the versatile gifts for mountain adventurers this year….

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Outdoors Trade Ah, the wide-open spaces!  It’s what we dream of when stuffed in overheated offices and traffic jams.  Well, the Outdoor Trade Show made every effort to create a feeling of space –…

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At SplashMaps we don’t believe in seasonal gimmicks!  We’re far too true to the robust, purposeful and hard-wearing reputation of our brand to stoop to those levels. So please don’t think we were exploiting…

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We met so many map fanatics at A Night at the Library at the British Library this week. Gathering for a special evening event to celebrate all that is mapping with hosts from the…

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A Bike Bruising Anyone reading this blog will know I love bikes.  Don’t spend much on them, don’t compete that much, but just love the boyish delight of crashing through the undergrowth on a…

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They won our our best scouting cartographer competition! Now they’ve completed their navigation stage 2 badge with SplashMaps! The Chandler’s Ford 15th Cubs loved the SplashMaps which we put through their paces.  By the…

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