51% of people interviewed by Visit Britain plan to spend more time outdoors. But what will they do and where? SplashMaps explores the variety of options and uncovers the increasing attention to diversity, inclusivity and environmental impact from the outdoors industry that helps everyone find their own beloved outdoors.

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Walkers are a persistent bunch. Photos from Personal, Annual, Life long and bucket list challenges arrive all the time. The titles and formats of maps say almost too much about our challengers!

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Through the Peaks This weekend was The SplashMaps Challenge. Follow our progress through the Peaks as 5 sweaty chaps traipse across another of Britain’s beautiful National Parks. Explored in confidence Last weekend we explored…

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Stocked all over Great Britain SplashMaps are stocked in 34 locations around Great Britain!  With so many shops now selling fabric maps, perhaps it’s time for you to fill the blanks on the map! …

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Leaving it late?  Post Christmas treat or resolution?  All our top 10 are in stock for you! What can you get? Our stock is always up to date, so fill your boots! Check our…

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Join SplashMaps in supporting the Peak District National Park trails! How would you like to camp in the heart of the Peak District National Park for the weekend in August? What if there were…

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This year we supported, took part and even won a few of the finest events of 2015! So we’re better qualified than most to offer our SplashMaps’ Top 10 Cycling, Tri and Ultra events…

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We met Woodland Way’s Jason Ingamel at the Bear Grylls Survival Festival last month.  As well as running the largest and award winning courses in Bushcraft and survival in the UK, Woodland Ways run…

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After 18 months of pursuing a roughty-toughty image for our indestructible maps it turns out there’s an untapped market! What makes these maps great for sports women and men makes them ideal for smaller…

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