51% of people interviewed by Visit Britain plan to spend more time outdoors. But what will they do and where? SplashMaps explores the variety of options and uncovers the increasing attention to diversity, inclusivity and environmental impact from the outdoors industry that helps everyone find their own beloved outdoors.

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Go outdoors! It’s clearly time to go outdoors, grab the bikes and the family and get happy camping this amazing season. Maps of course Last weekend we picked up a few essentials from the…

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25% off all National Park Maps!… and that’s just for starters Everyone’s gearing-up for the summer holidays, and we’ve already given you the trade’s best advice on getting the right kit.  Now we’re helping…

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New for the New Forest – Toob Neck Warmer OK there’s a chill in the air, but don’t let that put you off, there’s serious outdoor fun to be had!  Especially for lucky New…

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There’s a new product for retail from SplashMaps! SplashMaps Lite are light-weight satin maps now available for London and can be made to order for any location for any retailer. We’re working with retailers…

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The John Austin Half Marathon is rightfully growing every year.  Raising money for the Oakhaven Hospice motivates many and the location; a multi-terrain course in the South East of the the New Forest; could…

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It’s February, and already SplashMaps has twice committed to Sponsoring 2014 events. This week we announce our Sponsorship of the John Austin Half Marathon in the New Forest.  The event is a terrific cross…

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SplashMaps at the BBC can be heard at the 1 hour 40 minute point in the following link https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p017rtq9.  A good interview where our main achievements and future plans are shared. So good to…

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