Choosing the perfect map gift might need a little thought. But there’s a super simple secret for getting it spot-on. Here’s our guide to getting that ‘Wow’ moment when the wrap comes off. The…

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Tested on mountain bike adventurers This could be the perfect gift for the mountain bike adventurer in your life. Discover new trails For someone who wants to discover and explore new trails, they could…

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51% of people interviewed by Visit Britain plan to spend more time outdoors. But what will they do and where? SplashMaps explores the variety of options and uncovers the increasing attention to diversity, inclusivity and environmental impact from the outdoors industry that helps everyone find their own beloved outdoors.

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Trail finding on a bike ride with friends and surrounded by beautiful ripe blackberries. I had to stop. My passion for crumble created a perfect chance to demonstrate fixing a stained map of Hampshire….

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Why do I, as a cycling gent, always have to be the scruffiest person in the room? True, the right cycling gear can look cool between cyclists and out on the trails but, dressing…

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Guardian and Evening Standard newspapers Could it be a New Year new you for you in 2019? For January, SplashMaps teams up with the Guardian and the Evening Standard newspapers to help more people…

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Three things you need from custom maps Serious explorers and adventurers – like gift buyers for walkers, cyclists and runners – know there are three things you need from custom maps. Our short films…

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They’re now in print. The ultimate evidence that you can adventure, inspire and gift anywhere on the planet for pretty much any outdoor venture you could imagine. From desert to jungle, from lakes to…

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I love bicycles.  It’s the child-like joy of a downhill swoop or an uphill challenge.  So, with a trip to Afan’s Mountain Bike parks near Port Talbot, Wales scheduled for the weekend, there was…

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